Saturday, March 14, 2009

Visit to Sunset Valley Farmer's Market

Today Robert's parents, the kids, and I went to the Sunset Valley Farmer's market, and I'm SOOOO glad that we did. This farmer's market had everything that I have been looking for (except raw milk), and at good prices. They had TONS of fresh produce; free range chickens (from a few different places); free range eggs (from about 5 different places); grass fed beef, bison, and pork; raw milk cheeses; raw honey; and the low temp. pasteurized, non-homogenized milk that I already buy (from Whole Foods), but directly from the dairy farm that produces it! They also have MANY different artisans that make breads, juices, clothing, bags/purses, soaps, jewelry, cakes and cupcakes, scones, etc. It was AWESOME. I have NEVER seen such a large Farmer's Market before! This is definitely something that I will visit often, maybe even weekly!! :) I am SO excited about it. I think I have decided to change my grocery shopping day to Saturdays. I will just put an ice chest in the back of my car, go to the Farmer's Market, then head to Whole Foods (an idea from my in-laws). They loved it too, and have decided that they will definitely want to go there everytime they visit!
Check out how many vendors are at this thing:
They are there every Saturday, all year long, rain or shine. They have live music, good food to eat, and it's just a fun atmosphere.

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