Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while. Last week was spring break and the first part of the week we were out of town, and the second part we had a family emergency. Then, I broke out in hives and swelling and didn't go to the hospital until Sunday (it would go away, come back, go away, come back)... It was a long week. I'm just trying to get back into some kind of routine... We'll see if/when that happens. I've been struggling with routine this whole semester. I'm not sure why.
We only have about 6 weeks of school left (plus finals), then we are done for the summer. It will be nice to have a break because everytime I've had "time off," it has turned out to be busier than when I'm in school. I haven't had a break really yet.
I'm honestly pretty exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally right now. Please be praying for my family as we are going through a lot (not Robert, the kids, and myself, but my family outside of us if that makes sense). I don't want to go into details here because it's not the best place for that!!
Anyway... that's where I've been. I have several things that I want to post about, but it may take a while. Also, our internet is in and out right now; I usually have to sit outside to use it. So, I just don't get online at much.

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