Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Slow Switch to Whole Foods

Since my slow switch to mostly natural/organic/whole foods, I have started losing weight :). I haven't felt like I have tried because for me it hasn't been about that. I have lost 12 pounds! I am 2 pounds away from pre-Karis weight :).

Something that I've learned is that being healthy isn't about fad dieting. The problem with fad diets is that you may lose weight at first, but as soon as the diet is stopped, many times people gain the weight back. It has to be a lifestyle change. The switch to mostly whole foods didn't happen over night. We have made little changes here and there, ultimately leading to eating mostly whole foods.

Another problem with fad diets is that they are focused on low/no fat and little-no carbs. That's not healthy because it deprives your body of much needed nutrients! Your body needs the nutrients from some fats and carbs. It just depends on where those things come from. Focus on nutrient-rich foods, not on how much fat they have.

One thing that I have struggled with is sugar. I struggle because I have a huge sweet tooth. Cutting sweets out of my diet has been tough, but we're doing it slowly. I LOVE Dr. Pepper, so I treat myself to one sometimes. But, I don't have them daily like I used to. Maybe once a week- two weeks. I have a little bit of sugar in my coffee, but I've slowly been cutting that down. We use things like honey, maple, molasses, and raw sugar when we do use sweeteners because they are not just empty calories. Yes, they still have lots of calories, but they at least have some nutrients with-in them as well. So, when I have those things, I'm giving my body some nutrients. I've pretty much cut out tea because I can't drink it unless it is sweet. When I do, I use fructose because I can use 1/2 the amount for the same sweetness. At home I pretty much drink water. If I don't make a large pitcher of tea, the temptation isn't there to drink it. A cold glass of ice water is something that I want now :). Used to, I hated water!
My biggest indulgence is coffee. I LOVE coffee. This is something that I've decided is okay. We buy organic whole bean coffee (from Sam's- it's pretty inexpensive!). Coffee is something that I will probably always drink :). So, I'm working on ways to use less sugar! I'll get there. It's a slow process.

Anyway... it's been neat to see how making these changes have been taking the weight off without me feeling like I'm trying to lose weight. I enjoy making these changes now, and look for new ways to make foods nutrient-dense and healthy using whole foods. It's not always easy, but I'm getting there!!

And, I will say again that I don't know it all; I'm still learning. I still struggle in some areas, and I still eat things that I shouldn't at times.

I've also made the decision that it's okay to eat in the dining hall here at the camp; I just need to be choosy when I'm in there. I can't pass up the resource of free food. It's also a great time for the kids and I to get out of the house, a time to fellowship with others here at camp, and a time to eat meals with Robert. The food has improved greatly in the past year, and we always have the option of a wonderful salad bar. It's not organic, but that's okay sometimes. At least it's fresh produce!! As I've said before, for me, it's mostly important to eat whole foods, even if those whole foods aren't always organic. Of course, I think organic is better, but again, it's not always an option.

Sorry for the randomness of this post... I've had all these random things on my mind and thought I would just through it out there :).

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