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My Favorite Products

Below, you will find many pictures, descriptions, and even prices of products in which I love so much that I want to share!! I have tried many different products, and have come to the conclusion that these are the best (at least in my price range and area). Some of these things I've had on here before, but I had to list them again if I'm listing my favorite products :).

Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Organic Castile Soap
This is one of my favorite products of all time. It has so many uses- baby body wash, used in cleaners, hand soap, whatever you want! It's so natural that you could swallow it and it won't hurt you. It has a nice lather and rinses off completely. Who would've known that oils would make good soap? I buy this on vitacost- it used to be $9.32, but it went up to a little over $10. Still not bad for 32oz!! It's usually about $14.99!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste All Natural
I've always loved Boudreaux, but I wanted something more natural. I tried this natural stuff that I bought at HEB and wasn't happy with it because it didn't do anything. So, I found this at Target and was really excited. It's Boudreaux, which means it's going to work, but it has natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Beeswax, etc. I haven't used it much, so I don't know if I should even recommend it, but knowing that it's Boudreaux means that I will probably love it.

Kirk's Castile Original Coco Soap
This is the bar soap that I use for my homemade laundry detergent. I absolutely LOVE it. It is completely natural castile soap, and it is only $1.19 a bar at HEB! :) One bar is enough to make an entire batch, which will last anywhere from 1-2 months. Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste
We buy this at Sam's- a 3 pack for just over $8. It's usually about $5-6 per tube! This is a great deal. The only thing about this toothpaste that took me a while to get used to was the fact that it's not sweet. It contains two different mint oils, though, so it still has a great flavor!

Fuch's Natural Bristle Junior Toothbrush
We haven't bought one for ourselves yet, but we bought one for Karis and we love it. It's very simple, though, so if you're looking for fancy, this isn't it. It was $1.61 on

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash
This stuff is potent- it has tea tree oil in it. It is great for clearing blemishes. It took me a while to get used to, but now I love it. It's only $7.33 for 32oz on vitacost. I just filled up my old face wash squirt bottle; it lasts a long time.

Jason Lavender Body Wash
This stuff is an organic soap, and I LOVE it. I have tried making my own, and I decided that it costs too much and I don't like it as much. As soon as I received this, I was hooked. It is about $8 for 30oz on vitacost (usually anywhere from $12-15). They have MANY different scents. I think next time I will buy mango :). You only need one or two squirts for your whole body, so even though it's not super cheap, it lasts a long time.

Nature's Plus Source of Life Children's Vitamins
I've written about these before, but I had to list them again. They are wonderful. They are made from whole foods!! You can't get any better than that! They are $12.99 for 90 tablets at HEB, and they are $12.85 for 180 tablets through vitacost!

Nature's Plus Source of Life Prenatal
I have tried just about every prenatal out there (it seems!), and this is my favorite. It is also whole foods based, so it gives you what you need from a natural source. It is gentle on the tummy (which is necessary when pregnant!). (and, no, I'm not pregnant! I just wanted to share these!)

Organic Valley Pasture Butter
I will buy this one or the one below; it just depends on where I am. I like this one the best, but it's more expensive at Whole Foods than at Sun Harvest, so I'll get it when I'm at Sun Harvest. This stuff is made from milk from cows that are pasture fed. The benefit of pasture fed it has higher levels of antioxidants, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and Omega-3 and-6 fatty acids.

Straus Family Creamery Organic Butter
I buy this at Whole Foods when I'm there because it's cheaper than the Organic Valley Pasture butter. This butter is made from cows that are mostly pasture fed (they don't have enough grass year round to feed them only that, so they have to give them some feed). Check them out

Remember When Dairy, Milk
Since I can't buy raw milk around here, I buy the next best thing. I can buy this milk at Whole Foods, and at the Farmer's Market (it is made in Texas). It tastes REALLY yummy! It is from Jersey cows (which have higher levels of calcium and protein), grass fed, it doesn't have hormones, antibiotics, etc. It is low temperature pasteurized and non-homogenized. Non-homogenized means that there is cream at the top. We pour that cream out and make butter. :)

Our Homemade Butter
This butter is by far my favorite. All you have to do is pour some cream into a food processor, turn it on, and walk away (for about 15 minutes). When you start seeing solid pieces form, turn it off, and scoop them out. Put them in a bowl, and pour some cold water on it. Rinse the milk out of the butter, then pour the water out. Do this again a few more times. And, you have some homemade butter! You can add salt to the cream at the beginning if you want salted butter!

Tillamook Cheddar Cheese
This stuff is AMAZING. It doesn't contain any artificial hormones or even artificial colors. It is one of the best tasting cheeses I've ever had. We don't go to Walmart often, but this is one thing that we do buy from there. It is $9 for 2 lbs, which is an amazing price! Nutiva Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
I had this listed before, but I couldn't leave it out!! We go through one of these every 2 months!! We use it in just about every baked good. It is VERY healthy and yummy!!! Order it from vitacost and save about $10! Vitacost has a new one out that I think I might try next time- it's about $2 cheaper. I'll let you know!

Goodflow Raw Mountain Clover Honey
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this honey. It is unheated and unfiltered. It tastes amazing. There is NOTHING better than raw honey!! It is made right here in Austin!! :) I buy 2 1/2 pounds from HEB or Whole Foods for $12.99. This lasts us quite a while.

Marques de Paiva Organic Medium Roast Coffee
We buy a 40 oz bag of whole beans from Sam's for about $11. This is amazing coffee. Not only is it a great deal, it's organic, and it tastes great!!
Farmer's Market Eggs
There's nothing better than fresh eggs from true cage free chickens! Notice how they are all different colors? That's the way it is when they aren't in a controlled environment!

Farmer's Market Chicken
Here's a fresh, cage free chicken. The first thing that I thought when I bought it was how pretty it looked compared to typical store-bought chicken. It may be hard to tell here :).

Some things that I want to, but have yet to try:
Weleda Diaper Cream- I hear this is one of the best, I just haven't tried it yet! The last one that I bought was Boudreaux because it was half of the price! :) Although, I recently found that Weleda is MUCH cheaper through Vitacost! $6 instead of $10!

Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioners- These are pretty inexpensive on Vitacost, we just haven't needed any yet! We bought a large amount of shampoo/conditioner at Sams a while back, and we are almost finished with them. So, I will be buying DE next vitacost order! These that I have here are about $3.50 for 12 oz.

Richardson Farms (Farmer's Market) Grass Fed Beef and Pork (we have some in the freezer, we just haven't tried it yet!)
See if they come to a farmer's market near you!

Full Quiver Farms Cheese (raw milk cheese, sold at the Farmer's market- I haven't bought it yet, but I want to next time!). They are pretty expensive, so it'll be something that we just do every once in a while!
Full Quiver Farms Cage Free Chickens (I bought one from a different farm last time, but I will try this farm next time because I found out they are cheaper!)

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