Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taking a Break from Cloth Diapers :(

We went to the doctor on Thursday (for Karis' 3 year check up and Ethan's 9 month check up), and we found out that we have to stop using cloth diapers for a while :(. Ethan has had issues with really sensitive skin since he was born. When he poops, even after a few minutes, his skin will start bleeding. It can get pretty bad. It tends to get worse with disposable diapers, so we thought we had made the right decision to use cloth. The problem with cloth is that we can't use cream. It messes up the diapers. But, the doctor said that his little bottom looks really bad, and we need to start using lots of diaper cream every time we change his diaper to create a barrier. In fact, it's so bad that she prescribed 2 different creams that we have to alternate until he heals. Then, we have to use a strong cream on his bottom everytime we change him. So, we have to take a break from cloth for a while. We are going to strip the diapers several times (this gets the detergent build up from them) while we work on healing his bottom, then we may try them again. I'm really sad because not only do cloth diapers save money, they are almost leak proof. Ethan leaks very easily, and it can get frustrating! So, we can't use generic diapers because all the ones that we have tried leak very quickly. I want to buy seventh generation, but they are VERY expensive. And, HEB sells a chlorine free diaper that isn't too expensive, but they leak very badly. So, Huggies it is. I can buy them in a large box at Sam's, and sometimes even Target, so we are just sticking with those for now.
I'll let you know if we get to use cloth again on him. I'm hoping that as he grows up, he will get less sensitive. We'll see. He hasn't so far! :(


Jennifer said...

What is you lined your diapers with something.

We are potty training and I have some if you are interested??


Nicole Lavoie said...

just passing through and Ethan has the same issues with the sensitive skin..he's been in disposables since sunday cause his poor bum was soooooo bad. i stripped his daipers and rewashed them in different dtergent thinking thats the problem since i changed it and thats the only difference. he had no issue with them till lately and he's been in cloth since august so once his bum is better hopefully he'll be all good to go, cause i miss them isnt that funny people think im nuts for saying that! lol