Monday, March 9, 2009

Issues with Grocery Shopping :)

So, I had the plan of shopping at Sun Harvest and using, and that's not going to work :). Farmhouse Delivery doesn't deliver all the way out here (which is understandable), and the only option that would even work for me would be to pick up my order at their farm. Their farm is too far away, at least for what I would be spending on the food (although, I do want to say that they have been wonderful and are very helpful!!). I might buy from them some, but for now, I'm just going to have to stick with natural meats, from Sun Harvest. There's also a central market near the Sun Harvest that has some things that we can get some times. Sun Harvest, surprisingly, has more of what we buy, and for a better price (most things). Central Market's whole wheat berries are $1.49, and Sun Harvests' are 89 cents a pound. That's a HUGE difference. That's just one example! Although, we got natural whole chicken today for 99 cents a pound (at Central Market); that's $2 off a pound! :)

Anyway... you're probably sick of reading about where I'm going to shop, but I just like to think "out loud" through my blog!!

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