Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meal Planning

This is how I plan our meals:
1) I look to see what we already have
2) I come up with a list of meal options based on what we have
3) I write a list (for 2 weeks, 5 days each week) of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other homemade items (I don't plan the days because our schedule is always changing, and when I did that, I ended up switching it around a lot anyway!)
4) I write my grocery list based on the list of meal options
5) When making my grocery list, I allow $10ish for good sales (like when I was able to buy organic wheat flour for $2.69 for a 5 lb bag!). I can't pass up sales like that!!

Here's our meal plan for two weeks:

Breakfast Options:
(each morning is a combination of a few of these items)
Breakfast Cookies
Breakfast Tacos
Eggs, sausage
English muffins
Fruit (apples, grapes, bananas, oranges)
Peanut butter and honey sandwich

Lunch Options:
Dining hall
Grilled Cheese w/ raw veggies and dip
Tortillas and Cheese w/ raw veggies and dip

Dinner Options:
Balsamic and Garlic Venison (p.203)
Black Bean Wraps
Quesadillas (with black beans, cheddar, and homemade salsa)
Shepherd's Pie
Lemon-Pepper Flank Steak w/veggies (p.276); homemade bread
Rice Paper Rolls (w/rice, black beans, cabbage, broccoli); roasted zucchini
Roast w/ carrots and potatoes
15 Bean Soup w/homemade corn bread, roasted squash
Sausage, potato, and squash soup; homemade bread
Stiry Fry w/ chicken, broccoli, carrots, snow peas, red pepper, peanut sauce

Homemade Items to make:
Wheat bread
English Muffins
Breakfast cookies
Corn bread

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Rachel @ springpad said...

Both the stir fry and the quesadillas sound delicious! If you're into meal planning, then I think you should check out the weekly meal planner at springpad - it's a great way to organize recipes and meals online and I think you'd really like it!