Thursday, April 29, 2010

Discussion with Hubby

Robert and I discussed my list tonight. It was great to hear exactly how he feels about everything and to realize that the way we've been actually doing things (not how I've been wanting to do them) is really just right in most areas. I was also surprised to hear that he agrees with the way that I've been doing the immunizations and that he's possibly leaning towards homeschooling because of the fact that the school is so far away. He said that the distance is a good enough reason to homeschool. But, we also have over a year until we have to decide so we'll keep praying. So much can change in a year!
Most things we have been leaning towards natural, but with in reason. Because of being stressed and busy, I've been doing some things out of convenience, and that's okay in this season of life. Instead of constantly feeling guilty and like I'm doing something wrong, I'm just going to go with it.
I'll update with specifics later. I'm obviously still "chewing on " some things considering I just decided to clear my plate today :). I'm just at peace with a lot of things right now. My main goal with all of this was to see where Robert really stood on things and to see what was realistic at this time. I'm still going to take one day at a time and do everything simply for a while.

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