Monday, April 5, 2010

Things that God is teaching me…

The more I focus on God’s desires and not earthly ones, the more I grow and learn.  God has been teaching me so much lately… and I don’t want to forget these things!

  • He’s been showing me that the focus of our budget has been off… I’ve been focusing on our grocery budget being big enough that we can afford all the things that I think are important… God has been showing me that there are people who don’t even have food, so it’s more important to give to those people than to make sure everything that we have in our house is organic, free range, etc.  Eating well is good, but it shouldn’t come before giving to those who need it. 
  • The focus of my time has been off (this is something he’s been teaching me over a period of a couple of years)… I need to spend more time playing and less time focusing on the house… I need to spend less time online (which I’m doing so much better) and more time with Jesus.  I like to blog to process things in my heart, but that’s about all I do anymore… it’s pretty freeing.  I pray that this continues. 
  • I want to read more books instead of blogs and things online.  I want to spend time learning and growing in the time that I have.  One book on my list is Church History in Plain Language.  I started it a long time ago and only got through the first chapter.  It’s a wonderful book. 
  • I want to spend more time with people.  People are where our efforts and energy should be going instead of a “virtual world”, a clean house, and perfect food.

Alright… I’m off to go play outside with the kids and then do a project :).

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