Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on Nursing

Well, after two days of not taking the herbs and just lessening the feedings a bit, my milk supply is next to nothing already.  It's amazing how much the herbs helped... which makes me realize even more that my body just can't breastfeed (at least much).  I still feel a bit sad because Levi enjoys nursing, but it's just way too stressful!  I just wish that my body was normal and produced enough so that I don't even have to make this decision :(.  I pretty much knew this would happen after the first week of him not getting enough (because it happened every time).  Everyone tells me to not be hard on myself because I tried really hard, but I will probably always wonder if I tried hard enough.  Of course, there wasn't much more I could have done.  So, that makes me feel better.  I might try to nurse at night before bed or something; that will be nice for both of us.  We'll see how that goes.  The main benefit of that is closeness... it doesn't really give him much nourishment, but it will continue the breastfeeding relationship even if it's not all the time.  This way it will NOT be frustrating, it will just be nice :).


Jake and Annie Wetzel said...

Hey Courtney! I had a very hard time nursing our first. I stuck with it for about 6 weeks, but my body just wasn't producing as fast as she was growing. I thought that it was something that I had done or not done. However when we had our second and my body didn't respond to herbs I quickly realized that it wasn't my will, it was just my body! I nursed my baby longer than I had our first, but we were very concerned about his weight. He just wasn't growing like he should have been. I did the bottle, pumping, breastfeeding thing for a little bit, but very quickly realized that I wanted to REMEMBER his first few months as a sweet time, so we made the decision to bottle feed. I was super sad for a couple days as I weaned him to the bottle. It sounds pretty similar to you, my body immediately stopped producing milk. All the horror stories I had heard about achy breasts was not the case for me. So weird! I'm thankful for the time that we had to bond. Praying that you continue to find time to cuddle with your little man! God is so good!

Jackie Lura said...

God is good!

Be at peace because you made it work for 3 months! Now enjoy your baby and relax :)