Monday, December 20, 2010

God has Blessed Us :) I'm Undeserving!

Warning: This post is very random... many different thoughts all into one :)

Possible House :)
Well, even though we had decided to wait till summer to buy a house, we have found a house that we might go for.  We weren't intentionally looking to buy right now... we just look around sometimes for fun, and up until now we haven't found a house in our price range that we love, so we didn't think it would happen for a while.  Yesterday we found a house that IS in our price range AND we love it...
Tomorrow evening our realtor is going to take us to the house to really check it out.  We know that it needs a little bit of work, but it's nothing major, and we anticipated buying a house that needed a little bit of work.  In fact, we prefer to buy a house that is less expensive and needs some updating.  This house has been partially updated, but the bathroom still needs updating (and there's only one... which isn't a big deal to us), the yard needs quite a bit of help, etc.  BUT, that's all doable.  Of course, so far, we have only seen pictures and peeked through windows, so we will know more when we look at it tomorrow.  The price has gone down $40,000 in the past 2 months, so I'm assuming they are really trying to sell it quickly!  (or there's something wrong with it that we haven't seen yet!)
The house is 1491 square feet (the perfect size for us... not too small, not too big), 3 bed/1 bath, Tudor style (built in 1927!), is in a nice (historic) subdivision, has an updated kitchen (with silestone countertops, nice tile backsplash, and new appliances!), has a fireplace!, pretty good size backyard, has a separate dining room (which we would probably use part of it as a play area :), the elementary and middle schools are exemplary rated and have good reviews (despite the fact that they are in Dallas ISD), and supposedly has native and sustainable landscaping (just needs to be cleaned up a bit). 

Here are some pictures:

The Kids
Well, we have been having major sleeping issues (mainly with Ethan), and we thought it would never get better.  Since we moved here, Karis and Ethan have been sharing a room because I wasn't ready for Ethan and Levi to share (because of the fact that Ethan isn't a good sleeper!).  But, they weren't sleeping well because Ethan woke Karis up all the time.  And, Ethan screamed a lot before going to sleep everynight, which made things very difficult for Karis.  Well, last Sunday we decided to make a change and see how it goes.  We moved Ethan into his own room and we moved Karis and Levi together.  The first night was rough.  Ethan cried a lot, and ended up sleeping in the living room on the couch.  The next night, the crying didn't last as long, and he slept the whole night in his room.  The next night the crying didn't last long at all, and now he doesn't really cry :).  We have a new routine for him (we still read, sing, and pray with the kids), but when I take Ethan into his room, I rock him for 5 minutes (he knows it's only 5 minutes!), then I put him down.  He asks for daddy to come give him and hug and kiss, and then he's done for the night :).  Sometimes he starts crying for just a couple of minutes, but not the screaming and kicking the door that he once did.  We'll see if it continues!  But so far so good! 

The kids are so excited about Christmas this year, and I'm so glad that this Christmas season has been positive!  We are all enjoying the break and just love being together... spending quality time together, relaxing, etc.  I'm (trying) to potty train Ethan, though I'm not very good at it :).  The other night he woke Robert up telling him that he needed to go potty, and he actually went in the potty.  So the next morning we decided that it was time to go ahead and get him out of pull ups... and he hasn't gone in the potty since :).  Apparently he goes at day care all the time... but he has several boys at or around his age that do go, so it makes it easier.  I also think it's partly my fault because I'm not very good at being consistent... We'll get this done eventually :). 

New Way to Organize!
On one of my blogs, I had a spam comment that led to a great new discovery :).  Springpad!  When I first checked it out, I thought, what's the big deal?  It seemed a bit complicated... But after playing with it for just a little while I realized that it's a great, simple way to organize.  And, it's on my phone too!  You create notebooks for different things... I have a meal planning notebook (with a grocery list and meal plan for the week), a recipes notebook (that I need to spend some time putting my recipes in), bookmarks, to-do lists (one for home, one for school, and a today to do), etc.  I'm excited!  If you have a Springpad account, add me as your friend (username courtneycrosland)!  I have a lot of work to do with it still, but I've started :). 

Today's plan: cleaning and organizing, playing, and then dinner with my love for our anniversary!!  (and a little more Christmas shopping)

Here I go!

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