Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good News

I got a call from my realtor today :).  We have been approved for a loan!  I am completely shocked and my immediate reaction was: "Really?  Approved?  So does that mean that we've been... approved?"  Hehe.  I know what she told me, but it took a while for it to set in.  There is always a chance of it not coming all together at the end, but underwriters have already gone through everything and we have been approved.  Now comes the long process... getting all of our paperwork together!  And, the contract hasn't officially been written yet, but that's the next step.  It's hard with it being the holidays because we are all busy.  It'll get written, but next week's plans are probably going to have to change.  We were planning to go to a cabin for several nights, but I'm not sure now if that will work because we have to get the inspection done, etc.  We'll see :). 

Now the work begins!  Wow!

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