Monday, December 27, 2010

Plans Have Changed

We worked hard to not get too attached to the house because we had a feeling that it wouldn't work out for some reason... and we were right.  The sellers were going to demand things that we didn't feel comfortable with.  We were starting to think that there was more wrong with the house than they led us to believe... they were being pushy and secretive about things. And they wanted to close a little bit earlier and put a cap on how much they would spend to get it "FHA ready."  So, we have moved on. 

I have since talked with another mortgage broker and decided to use this one for the long haul.  He is VERY friendly, helpful, and on top of things.  He approved us for more of a loan than what we have been approved so far and we are able to increase the amount that we can spend on a house.  We have decided that at this point in our lives it would be better to buy a more expensive house that doesn't need money put into it than it would be to buy a house and put a lot of money into it.  So, that's what we're doing.  And, realistically, we'll be paying about what we would (or less) if we were renting... and it'll be our own home... and not a 1100 square foot home in an awful neighborhood (which is the type of house we would find renting in the same price range).  So far we have found two houses that we love and one of them doesn't need any work!  It has been completely updated!  New kitchen, bathrooms, refinished hardwood floors, beautiful backyard,  and the elementary is the school that I have heard SO much about (Rosemont Elementary).  The other one we love probably even more (because of the neighborhood especially), but it needs a few things done to it to be FHA approved, and it is a foreclosure and banks won't make any improvements.  We're just going to wait a few weeks.  Our realtor is going out of the country for a couple of weeks, so we will just keep looking, pray, and think through things.  When she gets back we can move forward.  I think it's good that she'll be going out of town because it forces us to slow down a bit.  We will have more time to complete our downpayment and also to see if there's anything else that comes down in price or comes on the market. 
Here are a few pictures of the house that we might move forward with:

I'm excited about this time :).  Even if it takes us several months until we move into our home, I feel like we're finally on our way!  I never thought this day would come!!  I'm trying to just enjoy this process and take our time.  There's no need to hurry! 

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