Friday, December 24, 2010

So Excited

I woke up this morning very excited.  Yesterday I was processing things more than being excited because I still had doubts.  But, I'm at the point now in which things are working out very quickly without forcing it so I'm realizing that this is going to happen. 

One thing that is kind of annoying (but I guess I need to get used to it) is the assumption that we're moving into gang territory.  Oak Cliff has a bad reputation, but many people don't know about the historic districts of Oak Cliff and how cool and nice they are.  Yes, a good amount of the area is Hispanic.  Is that a problem?  I don't think it is.  If we were missionaries in another country, we would probably be the only white people around.  That doesn't make it a bad area!  I think it will be good for our kids.  Kids don't need to grow up thinking that it is bad to live with other cultures... they need to grow up knowing that we are all God's children and we are all loved no matter what race we are.  I want them to have friends of other races and cultures.  We feel that God is calling us to this area as a mission field... and those things don't bother us.  Another thing that I keep hearing is how bad the schools are.  Well, the elementary that our kids will be going to is exemplary rated and has GREAT reviews.  The middle and high schools aren't wonderful, but we know that God is in control and will help us make those decisions when it's time.  They are only 4 and under right now.  And my opinion about my kids' education is that it is a team effort... I am a teacher and I know what my kids need to know.  If I am involved in my kids' education, they will be fine.  More importantly I want my kids to go to school with a mission: to share Jesus.  What better place to do that?  And if we really feel that it isn't working out, we will make decisions then.  There are lots of magnet schools in DISD that can be applied to, there are charter schools (like the one that I work for!), private schools, and if necessary, we can homeschool.  But again, we can make those decisions when it's time.  Right now I'm looking at the elementary and that it's a great school and we'll go from there :). 

Now that I've got that out of the way, I can't wait until things get worked out.  We have a lot of work ahead of us!  But I'm excited.  Things seem to be working out, and quickly!

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We are the Guerra's! said...

Courtney, that was so well put! I totally agree that kid's need to grow up knowing we are all God's children. I think that's one of the main reasons we have so much strife these days in our country...we've forgotten to love our brothers and sisters as God loves them! Congrats on everything, I pray that it will be a wonderful experience for you and yours!