Saturday, January 31, 2009

New and Improved Pantry

Here is my new and improved pantry:

My next goal is to get large containers for the large amounts of things. As you see, I used the large folger coffee container for my organic rolled oats, but I have nothing for my flour! Oh well! The flour will go into the freezer when it gets opened anyway!
My pantry feels much less cluttered, and easier to use! That's the goal anyway!


Crys said...

It was exciting to see your post b/c I did the same thing this morning. :) Most of it at least. I did from eye level down. Which is the stuff I use most often anyway. The top will have to wait. It's too nice outside to keep going.

Dan and Merideth said...

You said you dont have anything for your flour... I have 6 of these containers for 3 flours, 2 sugars, and 1 for rice. They are AWESOME and air tight!

I couldn't find the exact thing in my 30second search online. But this is what you would look for...

They are the blue Lid Rubbermaid Tupperware. I buy the Tall containers. They hold just over a bag of flour, so if your getting low you can dump in another bag. The top is the perfect size opening for your measuring cups without any spills. Also, because they are Tall -- you have lots of extra valuable counter space when baking.

You buy them at HEB or Walmart.