Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's Activity, Ideal Toys for Toddlers/Preschoolers

Karis is SO interested in learning, so I decided to start "planned" activities, again. I stopped for a while because I felt like she was maybe too young for structured activities, but it's amazing how much she has grown up in just a couple of months!
I will be doing in differently in that I'm not going to make a big fuss about it. No long lesson plans, or hours spent on coming up with ideas. I will do the activities in the morning while Ethan's asleep (or on days that I work, I will do them right when I get home, before her nap).

The "theme" that I'm going with for this week, and maybe next week is Winter.
Some great activities for themes/letters/numbers, etc can be found at:
This is the site that I use the most when trying to come up with activities. It also has a whole section dedicated to toddlers! It's a wonderful resource!

Today we read the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, and then we made a picture of a snowy day to go along with the book. We used chalk for the snow, and snowflake stickers. I cut a little boy out like in the book, and we glued him in the snow. Karis enjoyed it! We talked about what snow and ice is, and why it doesn't really snow here. She may not of understood everything, but I figure, start now! We had some ice in the trees today, so it helped with my explanation.

She also was determined to play "duck duck goose," so I got some of her stuffed animals, and we put them in a circle and attempted the game (this was actually before the book/picture). She enjoyed it, even though she and I were the only ones playing :).

After we read and did the picture, we talked about the word snow- what it starts with, what each individual sound is, etc.
We then just wrote some letters and words talking about the spelling and sounds (all this on her easel chalk board).

Then, she wrotea few letters :) (with chalk on paper)! She wrote an I, T, and U. That's a first for her! She wrote them, then told me what they were!! I'm sure she's not the only one her age that does this (the letters aren't perfect by any means), but I'm so proud of her. She knows all of her letters (upper case at least; she's still learning the lower case). She knows the sounds that A, B, C, D, F, K, L, P, R, S, and T make. It just amazes me. She's just a sponge.

I also took some pics of "toys" that she loves and/or toys that are ideal for toddlers/preschoolers. Some of these should be used with care around young toddlers because of being a choking hazard. When Ethan starts getting around, I might have to put some of these up for use only when he's asleep!

Books!! It is best to read to your child 15 minutes a day or more. She likes to read the books to us, and to her little brother as well :).

Puppets! We have a few finger puppets, and a few regular puppets.
Wooden blocks. The possibilities are endless with just plain wooden blocks (thanks grandma for these!).

Blocks with letters, numbers, and pictures. Another great learning tool, and a lot can be done with these (thanks Uncle Joey, for these!).

Counting and Sorting Bears. She plays with these ALL the time. She counts them, sorts them by color, and uses them as "food" with her kitchen. She amazes me with the uses that she comes up with for them :).

Dramatic play things! She has a doctor kit, construction kit, dress up clothes, and a kitchen with kitchen things.

Educational games! She got these for Christmas and LOVES them.

These are by far her FAVORITE "toy." They are foam bath letters, although, she very rarely uses them in the bathtub! She "makes words" with them all day long and makes many other uses for them. Another one that she uses for food in her "kitchen."

Another simple, yet favorite toy. These are foam pattern blocks. She finds many uses for these as well.

And, when all else fails, a laundry basket "car" keeps her entertained! Ha!

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