Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finalized Household Notebook, etc.

I have been working on my household notebook, and I ended up splitting it up a bit. We already had our finance notebook separate (per Robert's request), and now I've created a separate notebook for Karis and Ethan (that way I could spread out some things in the household notebook). Karis and Ethan's notebooks are mostly just to store paperwork anyway; they didn't get used everyday. This will be better as I begin officially homeschooling them; I will have a place to put their lessons and records.

Here's my notebook, updated

The sections that I have are: (you can click on the links to get to the documents)
Calendar/Weekly Planner/Routines:

Menu Planning:
Weekly menu planning
Behind the weekly menu, I put whatever recipes that I can put in there (the ones that aren't in books).

Grocery shopping planning chart and price comparison chart

Food Diary

This has print outs from the research that I have done on organic/natural, sweeteners, etc.

This section has information on organic gardening. Soon, I will have info on our garden.

Bible Study:

Home-made cleaners:

My Whole foods pantry-
Other health information
Karis' notebook:
In her notebook, I have a folder for "Shepherding her heart" (discipline, etc), "Activities and Lessons," "Bible Study."
Ethan's Notebook:
In his notebook, I have: "Immunizations," "Research," "Homemade Baby Food," and "Pedi. Handouts."

What's in your notebook? What does it look like? If you don't have one, how can I help you create one?

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