Saturday, January 10, 2009

The "Need" to be Supermom

Some days, because of my strong convictions and passions, I feel the need to almost be "supermom." Robert constantly has to remind me that it is ok if I don't get everything done on my list! Quite honestly, my goals every day are to play with the kids for a few hours, do activities/lessons with them, clean my house (at least so it doesn't look dirty or cluttered), bake, make things from scratch (cleaners, snacks, an extravagant meal), be completely caught up with school, blog, etc... But, then, when I get everything done, I just have to start over again the next day! So, what's more important? Yes, my house does need to get taken care of, but it's easy to be focused so much on that, and just forget about playing with the kids. I also have a problem with being on the internet too much (imagine that!). What are some ways that you get your house clean, spend time with the kids, and still have some time to yourself?
Some goals that I have for myself are:
~ Get things done in the morning (by about 10:00) so I have the rest of the day to play and have time to myself (when the kids are sleeping).
~ To realize that it's okay if my house isn't spotless all the time! I do have a 2 1/2 year old and 7 month old!

What is my motive for everything? My only motive needs to be to honor God and please my husband. Any other reason is not good enough. And, since God doesn't expect me to be perfect (and he knows my heart and my weaknesses), and my husband doesn't expect a spotless house all the time (in fact, he wishes I would back off and relax!), I need to learn to prioritize. If I don't finish the cleaning up in the morning (before about 10:00), I just need to not worry about it! I need to spend the rest of the morning/day playing with the kids and doing other things that I love to do (of course, this involves baking/cooking for my family!).

I need to stop living in guilt if I don't get everything done on my list! I need to give the day to the Lord, and realize that my goal in life is to serve Him. He loves me for who I am, not what I do!

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