Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 Weeks Today

I am 6 weeks today...

The past few days I have been so tired that I haven't wanted to do anything. Today I tried to take a nap for two hours and just kept getting interrupted in different ways.

My appetite has been low, but I have been physically hungry. I can't find anything that I am hungry for here... so I just don't eat much. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a few things that I'm craving. Right now I'm cooking some potatoes to make garlic cheesy mashed potatoes :). I have been craving some mashed potatoes for a few days... so I've decided (at almost 9:00), to make some!!

Other than those things, this pregnancy really has been pretty easy. I haven't been nauseous, really. With the last two I was nauseous by now, so maybe I won't be. We'll see. I'm pretty blessed there. The only hard part about this pregnancy is that I have two other kids to take care of and take after, and Robert works 80 or so hours a week (6 days a week, 12-15 hours a day). But, I'm thankful that I'm due in February, which is kind of a slow season here for camp.

I have my first appointment with my midwife next week... I was supposed to have an appt with her on Tuesday, but she had a 48 hour birth and needed to rest. I think it's awesome that midwives are at births the whole time, no matter how long it is!! She would have rescheduled it for today (Thursday), but Robert wanted to be here and he had a long day today. So, we're having the appt the next time he's off (next Tuesday). It's fine, though, because most people don't see their OB's til 8 weeks or so.

There's not much exciting going on...

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