Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun Day!!

Robert and I were talking last night about how hard it is for me to be home all day every day, and he told me to make a list of things that I can do outside of the house that are either cheap or free.  Some things that I came up with are go to the library for story time weekly, picnics, taking the kids for walks, going to the pool, etc.
I started putting this into practice today! :)

We went to the Farmer's Market, library, then had a picnic lunch.  Despite the heat and a cranky 1 year old, we had LOTS of fun.  I meant to take pictures at each place, but I kept accidentally leaving the camera in the car.  So, I just have some pictures of the kids right before we got in the car at the end :).  Next time, I will take pictures!!

I bought two dozen eggs, some fresh goat's milk (Karis tried it and LOVED it), egg plants, and onions.  Next time I go it will be time to stock up on meat and poultry again!  I didn't need any this time.  We enjoyed just walking around and looking at all there was to choose from.  This is the best farmer's market that I have ever seen.  Since I forgot my camera, here is a picture from their website so you can see just how big it is (and this is just one side!):

Next was the Bee Cave Public Library
At the library, we checked out books (for Karis, Ethan, and mommy!), signed up for their reading program, and saw a free show.  Well, we didn't see much of the show because the kids were both starving at that point, and Ethan was really fussy.  I'm sad that we had to leave early, though, because Lucas Miller, the "Singing Zoologist," was FUNNY.  
Their reading program is great.  Not only can kids that can read sign up, but kids that have to be read to can sign up.  If they read (or are read to) 10 minutes a day, they will receive a poster with their picture on it.  It will hang in the library until the end of July (until the awards ceremony), then they get to bring it home :).  Karis is going to love this.  She could sit for hours and have me read to her, so I don't think it will take long.  If they read more, then they get other prizes as well.  What a great way to get kids reading and enjoying books!!  

And last but not least, we hung out across the street from the library, in the wonderful Hill Country Galleria, and had a healthy picnic lunch.  The area that we ate has a "fountain" in which water just shoots up out of the ground.  There are often kids in bathing suits playing in the water.  After Karis ate lunch, I let her play in it and she LOVED it.  At times, this is the stage area for their amphitheater where they have free shows (in fact, before we left, they started to get ready for one that they are having tonight).  That would be fun to go to sometime!!  

Here are the kids before we got in the car

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