Friday, June 12, 2009

And, it begins...

Update on Symptoms
The tired-ness and moodiness have definitely hit. I've been really exhausted and my hormones have been a little crazy. I have been worried about EVERYTHING... Being worried is normal for me, but not to this extent! I'm having to just leave it with Jesus and try to move on :).

Update on Supplements
I have been taking Nature's Plus Source of Life Prenatals, but I plan to switch whenever I run out of these. My midwife recommended one that I had never heard of. It's called Super Nutrition Prenatal. At first I dismissed it because it wasn't labeled a "whole foods prenatal." But, the more research that I did, the more I understand why she recommends it. I compared it with New Chapter Prenatal and New Life Prenatal, and I found that it has WAY more comprehensive. Most prenatals are really lacking in the mineral area, and this one does NOT lack at all in that area. Some examples are that the calcium of Super Nutrition is 1200mg, and in New Chapter it is 30mg. The magnesium is 650mg verses 10mg in NC. The iron is 40mg verses 18mg. Those are just a few. (Lucky Vitamin's website shows that it has 500 IU's of Vitamin A, but that is incorrect. It is actually 5000 IU's, which is perfect) Every single one is a great amount (there are some that you can have too much, and they don't have as much of that). I took a separate multi mineral with Ethan in order to get enough minerals (I had low iron, leg cramps, etc), but with this one I don't have to. Another plus is that it is green Superfoods based, and it contains herbs. It is 5 out of 5 stars on pretty much every website I have looked it up on. The things that are lacking are a few more whole foods and probiotics. But I can get those through food. The main reasons I think it's important to take supplements is that I know that I won't eat exactly the way that I should, and it is really important to get enough iron, folic acid, calcium, etc.

As far as anything else, I am going to start taking Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Lightly Lemon, then in the fall when I start getting paid, I will be taking Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil. I will also eventually start taking some herbs such as nettles, red raspberry, etc. I might just take those in tea form. We'll see. It's still a bit early :).

Anyway... that's what's going on so far. I'm sure that I will be showing in no time since this is my third. With Karis I started showing about 17-18 weeks, with Ethan 12-13 weeks, and I'm sure this one will be even earlier!! I already have quite a bit of bloating!! I was looking at some pictures at Ethan's birthday, and I looked like a cow! Wow.

Here is a pic at the beginning so there is something to compare future pics to:

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