Monday, June 8, 2009

New Daily and Weekly Routines

I have been talking about needing more of a schedule/routine (again) a lot lately. This morning I was reading on "Fly Lady", and it gave me the motivation that I needed. I didn't follow what she says exactly, but this is what I came up with. This is FLEXIBLE, and it's just for the summer (I will come up with a fall routine later). I pretty much just took what we already kind of do and added a little more structure to it. My big goal is to PUT THE COMPUTER AWAY when the kids are awake (right now my mom has them because I have a meeting in a little while!!).
There are so many things each week that change that I've decided as far as specifics for each day of the week, I'll just plan weekly. I have a "generic/tentative" plan, but again, I will be flexible.
I know I have tried and tried to have routines, but all I can do is keep trying!! I NEED some structure. It feels like chaos here when I don't have structure.


Morning Routine

  • Up at 6:30, Take a shower, get dressed, dry hair
  • Make bed
  • Time with Jesus
  • Computer time & prepare for day (until kids wake up, then turn computer OFF and PUT AWAY)
  • Feed and dress kids (and give vitamins)
  • Eat breakfast (and take vitamins)
  • Daily chores: put away clean dishes, one load of laundry, sweep, tidy (should only take about 30 minutes)
  • Activity with Kids (planned every Sunday)

Afternoon Routine

  • 12:00 Lunch (either dining hall or here)
  • 1:30 Kids' naps, weekly planned item
  • Blog, read, write, "me time" (until kids wake, then PUT COMPUTER AWAY)
  • 5:30 Prepare for dinner, prepare for next days' meals
  • Eat dinner, clean up after dinner
  • Take kids for a walk

Night time routine


  • Pick out clothes for tomorrow
  • Bath (alternating nights- Karis, then Ethan)
  • Brush teeth
  • Read, sing, pray
  • 8:30 Bed


  • Quick tidy, sweep
  • Pick out clothes for tomorrow
  • Brush and floss; wash face
  • Spend time with hubby
  • Read
  • 10:30 Bed


Meet mom so she can watch the kids (morning)
Work on curriculum (@ Starbucks!!
Ladies Bible Study, 6:30

Robert's day off, no plan
(usually turns into working on yard…)

Baking day (breads, muffins, crackers, etc)
Water/weed garden

Home Blessing Day (which means clean the house)

Errands, grocery shopping, etc.
11:15 Story time @ Library
Picnic lunch (or eat @ Panera's)
Water/weed garden
Do daily chores in afternoon

Every other week Farmer's Market and free Kids' Yoga @ coffee shop
Other weeks just rest and do NOTHING… watch movies/tv all day… have NO plan

Plan for week (budgeting/finances, grocery list, meal plan, etc; homeschool preschool lessons)
(or, if our Outreach team goes somewhere that day, go with them… planning is something I can do any day)
Water/weed garden

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