Saturday, December 12, 2009

30 Week Preggo Picture and other random thoughts

I meant to post a 30 week preggo picture on my 30 week post, but I didn't :).  So, here it is (Robert took this today; I'm technically 30 weeks and 4 days):

I feel like I'm looking either smaller, or not much bigger than I looked several weeks ago.  But, the baby is definitely growing, so I'm not too worried about it (considering I'm measuring "ahead"!).  I was looking at some pictures of me when I was pregnant with Ethan, and I was MUCH bigger with him than I am with this baby.  I figured I would be bigger since this is my third, but I guess that doesn't always happen!  I still have 10 weeks left, though, so I won't hold my breath!

Yesterday we did some Christmas shopping, and when we got home, we realized that one of the things that we bought had a crack in it... so I had to go back to the store today (I was worried if I waited too long that they would think I just cracked it!).  Karis and I went, just the two of us, and it was fun and stress free (not like the stressful day that we had yesterday).  We wanted to make our Christmas gifts again this year, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  But, we are still doing gifts that are from the heart.  After Christmas, I'll post some pictures of what we did/bought.  Christmas this year just isn't the same... so I'm having a hard time really enjoying it.  I'm thankful that I put my tree up really early this year so I was able to enjoy it early.  I feel like we lost over a week into the "Christmas season" because of all that has been going on.  Here it is already December 12th and I haven't even had a chance to think about Christmas very much. 
It looks like this next week my mom, the kids, and I will try to do some Christmas baking, so that should be fun.  And, I think we are planning to go out looking at Christmas lights at some point before Christmas.  We did that every year growing up.  It was a blast as a kid.  I hope that Karis will really enjoy it as much as I did growing up :).  I'm sure she will.  I really want to make this Christmas season special for the kids, and because no matter what, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus.  He will give us joy and the strength that we need to get through.

Robert works this evening, just a few hours tomorrow, Monday-Wednesday, then he is off Thursday (the 17th) through January 1st.  It's going to be a wonderful time as a family.  I hope that we get a lot of rest, but I also hope that we get a lot done on my list :).  I want to be prepared for Levi before I go back to school because I won't have as much time!  I can't believe that Robert has that much time off.  Summers are really tough, but December definitely makes up for it.  I pray that next summer I will remember this wonderful time :).  I won't be pregnant, so I don't think I'll be as grumpy.  That was the toughest first trimester that I have had, so it made for some loonnngg days.

Anyway... I really just wanted to "talk."  I don't have much rhyme or reason to this post.  Sorry for the randomness!

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