Friday, December 4, 2009


Right before Robert and I got married, Joey wrote a song for me.  I appreciated it at the time, but it means so much more now than before.  Here are the lyrics:

written by: Joey Wisian 

Do you remember not so long ago
When it was us against the world when the world left us alone
And I could never shield you from all the hurt you’d know
And I could never show you things inside I just can’t show.

Do you remember how I would linger on that ledge
And how you would always be there just to pull me from the edge
And could never repay you, in forever or a day
‘Cause now I see how God has brought a smile to your face

And now as you find safety in his arms
I look into your eyes and find my way to God
And as I see my little sister turn and walk away
I know that for forever will we have our love today

I’ve lived every day just trying so hard to be
The one you used to know, the one you used to see
‘Cause knowing I’m your brother is good enough for me
With every single battle fought I feel the hope returning

Repeat Chorus

It’s not so often that I feel a happy day
But this won’t turn to sadness and this won’t turn to pain
And I know life’s not easy, ‘cause I can see your pain
And when other friends may leave you, I’ll be there in the end

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The Man Crew said...

Courtney, what a beautiful song and lovely legacy he has left you. Still praying for you. HUGS!