Thursday, December 10, 2009

30 Weeks Pregnant

I am now 30 weeks preggo... 10 more weeks until my due date.  I'm on the last quarter of my pregnancy :).  And, with the holidays and everything, it should go pretty fast.

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday, and as usual, it went well.  She checked my iron levels, and they were 13.3, which is amazing.  The last two pregnancies I had low iron at this stage.  She also checked my blood glucose levels, and they were 97, which is also amazing :).  The way she does it is that I just eat a large lunch with lots of carbs, and check it within a couple of hours.  So, apparently my body can handle king ranch chicken, pizza, and apple crisp :).  (I only had a little of each, I promise)

I'm measuring 31-32 weeks, but that's normal for me.  I measured 1-2 weeks ahead with both of my other kids, and they were 5-7 days early.  So, maybe this one will be a week or so early as well :).  She was concerned at first that the baby may be breech (well, not really concerned because it's still early) because she felt the heart beat up high, and she thought she felt his head up high, but then she felt his foot up high.  So, she thought maybe it was just his bottom :).  She thinks he's just still flipping a lot, too, which he's still small enough to do that so it's nothing to worry about.  Plus, a breech presentation is really nothing to worry about as some may think.  I really doubt that he'll be breech because most of the time, I feel his feet kicking up high and I feel his hiccups down low.  In fact, I feel his feet kicking up high right now :).

This baby seems a little more laid back than Ethan did when I was pregnant with him.  I'm hoping that means he'll be a little bit easier as a baby than Ethan was :).  We'll see.  He's not up all night long every night like Ethan was (and he still has a hard time sleeping at night).  In fact, I feel him a lot more during the day than at night (normally).  So, that's a good sign!

It's crazy to me that this pregnancy will be over soon and that little Levi will be here.  It was going slow for a while, and now it seems to be going fast.  I wonder what it will be like with 3 little ones.  Depending on how things go with 3, we may end up wanting a fourth :).  We'll see.  I love being a mommy.  I love having a lot of kids (although, 4 would be a lot... no more than that!).  Again, we'll see.  Robert is up for it right now, but we both feel that we need to see how things are with 3 before we plan to have another.  Plus, I don't know if I want to be pregnant again.  At this point, I'm just ready to not be pregnant!  We've talked about adoption later on down the road (and we would adopt a child, not a baby).  We'll just pray that God will guide us the the direction that he would have us go.  And, of course, He is ultimately in control, no matter what :).  I can't wait to be an "official" stay at home mommy.  A few months ago I couldn't imagine that, but God has made it clear that that is what he has called me to do, and now I'm so excited and at peace about it.  It has become even more clear after all that has happened with my brother that family is more important than anything.  I want to take the best care of my kids as possible and be here with them all the time.  Losing a loved one really puts things into perspective.

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Valerie Hunter said...

Courtney, seems like maybe we are living parallel lives :O). So funny that you are going to have a Levi, too!! We would have a hard time sending our kids to a school that far away, too. We are blessed to be in an excellent school district, with plenty of Christian teachers and administrators. I read a couple of your past posts and wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear about your brother. This is such a terrible time for something like that to happen. I will be praying that God is able to renew the joy in your whole family as you celebrate this Christmas, knowing that He sent His son for just a time as this.

On a side note, I was wondering if you would care if I did a sort of "How weird is that" post on my blog about how we "met". I just think it's so crazy!!