Monday, December 21, 2009

More Important than Your To Do List

This blog explains how I feel better than I can: Life as Mom: More Important than Your To Do List.

I've really been struggling because last year was one of the best Christmases that I've had probably since we've been married... and I wanted to do it all again.  All homemade gifts (and great ones), Christmas baking, etc.  But, it just wasn't possible this year for many reasons and it has been bothering me.  But, that's not what Christmas is about anyway.  It's about Jesus coming to this earth to be born, live, and die for us.  That needs to be what we focus on, despite my desire to have everything perfect.  Maybe next year we can try the homemade gifts again.  And, if not, oh well.

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Christabelle said...

I understand! This is the time of year I usually feel three steps behind and completely inadequate. I'm glad God is reminding you that He is the most important thing and so much more worthy of attention. May you have a very merry Christmas!