Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good News in the Midst of the Bad

Well, we received some great news today in the midst of all the bad that has been going on.  In fact, I almost feel guilty for such great news (and for being so excited!).  But, I'm trying to accept it as a blessing. 

Robert found out today that he is being promoted here at camp to Director of Maintenance/New Construction.  He will be doing new construction, challenge course development and maintenance, building maintenance, boat repair and maintenance, etc.  Basically, he will be doing things that he's already been doing, but without the outdoor ed part included.  These are all things that he's very gifted in, and he really enjoys.  I'm just really excited that he will be doing a position in which he's very good at and feels very comfortable doing.  It is a huge blessing.  God has made it clear that this is where we are supposed to be and stay. 

Another perk to him having that position is that we were offered one of the other houses here at camp (the biggest house on camp!), so we will be moving soon (1-1 1/2 weeks)!  We are in complete shock about that.  We always thought it would be cool to live in that house, but we never really thought it would happen.  It is a 3 bedroom with an office (so basically a 4 bedroom) and 3 bathrooms (one being really small, but that's okay!).  It has a HUGE living room/dining room area, fire place, huge bedrooms, a nice kitchen (with very functional counter space and nice sized pantry... and all appliances), huge laundry room (with a little sewing room attached), 2 car attached garage, large extra storage building, huge covered deck, huge yard, over-looks the lake, etc.  The master bedroom is huge with an amazing bathroom (with a jacuzzi tub!).  The closet is like a whole other room.  It has built in drawers.  Tons of them.  The tile in the bathroom is gorgeous.  It is browns and blues.  We aren't going to have enough furniture to fill this house :).  I guess that's an okay problem to have!  We will just leave it open for now!  The kids will have plenty of space to run around.  In fact, we may even have room for one more one day ;).  It will definitely have so much functional space to homeschool in :).
Karis' room has its' own bathroom and her own doors to the deck on the back (it used to be the master).  We'll have to watch her :).  I'm not worried about her though.  I think it will be something to enjoy as she gets older.  With two younger brothers, she's definitely going to enjoy her own space.  
The boys' room has two huge closets with built in drawers.  We plan to put Levi in the "office" until he sleeps through the night (well, after he moves out of our room).  Then, when the boys get a little older, we'll put them together.  They are so close in age that I think they will enjoy being together in a room.  And, the room is big enough that it won't be an issue.

This house is so much more than I could have ever imagined living in... ever.  That's why this is still a huge shock!  I don't feel like we deserve it, but I'll take it.  Once I get past the shock and the guilty feelings, I will really enjoy it.  I have a lot of work ahead of me!  I will probably get started packing tomorrow.  Our goal will be to try to move in before Christmas because we're having our huge family Christmas at our house this year (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc).  It's great timing!!  Even if we can't get in there completely, we want to at least host Christmas in that house.  We can worry about the little things afterward.  

When we move, I may not have internet for a while because we will be out of internet range here at camp.  So, we will have to figure something else out..  I may not be posting as often for a while.  Knowing me, it won't be long.  I would have a hard time without internet :).  

After the house is ready to move into (they are painting, fixing a few things here and there, etc), I will post pictures. 

I still can't believe it.  I feel like I've been living in a dream the past two weeks... most of it being a nightmare, but ending on a high note.  Nothing feels real lately.  In a few months I will probably wake up and not be in this "fog" anymore... until then, I don't think it's a bad thing.  I will just take things as they come.

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Jackie Lura said...

So excited and happy for you guys! Don't feel guilty, this is a blessing from the Lord!

I kinda know what you are feeling... a year after my brother Jason passed my high school basketball team won state! Jason loved basketball and I was sad that I could not share my happiness with him, and I felt gulity for feeling happy... The Lord told me that Jason was happy and to not listen to Satan. So don't let Satan steal your joy!