Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The House After We've (Mostly) Unpacked

We have almost completely unpacked (with the exception of a few boxes that I just decided to wait on), so I thought I would show you some pictures :).  We are still planning on painting the living room/dining/kitchen area (next week, with the help of some family!), so it's not even completely finished, but it's good enough. 

I'm assuming you can figure out what room is what, so I'm not going to explain everything!  I will say that we still need to hang things on the walls in the kids' rooms, and Levi's room isn't close to being finished because we have to paint before we put furniture together.  And, our "office" area in our bedroom needs organization.

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The Man Crew said...

Courtney, you've done a great job of turning that house right into a home...congrats! It's even better with your things all unpacked and put away!! It really is lovely...enjoy your first holiday there!