Thursday, July 15, 2010

Closing doors... opening new doors?

I received two emails last night that definitely made me wonder and think... I am wondering if even though I want to work right now and I feel that God has given me the passion for education for a reason, maybe my timing is off.  Maybe He wants me to stay home for a season, OR maybe I need to change my perspective of things.  I'm not sure.  Lots of praying to do...

The first email I received was from a principal at a public school.  I emailed her my resume and cover letter, and she emailed me back (which is uncommon, so I appreciate that).  She told me of the intensive process that is gone through before I would ever even receive a call... and this is a small district with only 5 schools total.  It makes me wonder if I'll ever even receive a call from a school district.  You see, the problem is, most public schools don't count private school experience as experience... and they do searches in the application databases to find what they are looking for... and typically that includes a few years of experience... and if they don't count private school as experience (or "other" types of positions in the education field), then to them, I have no experience.  So, I might not get a call.  I imagine the only way I will get a job at a public school in this area is if I know someone, or if I sub in the schools... which is difficult to do at the rate of pay that subs receive since I have 3 kids.  Of course, if it's God's will, then it will happen... so I might just need to be patient.
The thing that I've realized about public schools in this area is that you are just a number... and public schools focus a lot on numbers in general... TAKS scores... funding... etc.  So, I'm not sure if this is the right direction for me right now.

The other email that I received was from Wylie Prep.  Apparently while she was gone, they filled the 4th grade positions.  And I didn't even get a chance to interview.  How frustrating.  She has other openings that actually fit me better... and I'm thinking and praying about these... but they would bring in less money.  Much less.  So, I'm not sure.  I'm wondering if either I need to change my perspective of things, or maybe I need to just stop trying for a while.
The positions at Wylie Prep fit me well... 8th grade English (which is what I taught at Faith Academy and loved it), and two middle school electives (art and one called strategy games... not sure what that is).  I actually feel that I would really enjoy art.  I took an art education class in college that sparked my interest.  I was one of two people in the whole class that made an A in the class :).  It was actually very intense :).  The problem with these is that they are only one section, and they are all spread out through the day.  So, I'm going to request more info about them, and I'm going to just pray for God's direction.  Maybe he's giving me just what I need right now with those positions... I'm not sure!  This school does have childcare on site and is affordable, so this is an option still.

The other opportunity that I have is one that I am completely torn about.
It's at another University Model School... in fact, I'm pretty sure it's the biggest one in the area.  It's called Lucas Christian Academy.  The administrator told me that it is run very similarly to Faith Academy, and in fact, the two schools both started at the same time and they worked together at the beginning as they started.  I got a call two days ago from the administrator, and she is very interested in me... but they don't have any teaching positions.  The position that they do have is sub coordinator... which includes other small jobs as well including the person that enters the lunch orders, lunch monitor, study hall teacher, and I would possibly lead some small groups at chapel.  As sub coordinator, I would get first dibs on sub jobs each day.  She said that if I decide to do this, I could have a teaching position next year if one opens up.  They have childcare on site as well, and it's very inexpensive.
The pros: 1) a non-stressful job... I would be able to leave it there when I come home, 2) childcare on site, 3) lots of potential to move up at that school because of the size.  The cons: 1) not a lot of regular income... most income would come from subbing, 2) not a "teaching" position, 3) might be a full time position (with not a lot of regular income, though I have the potential to make more than at the other UMS's with subbing).  I'm not looking to get rich by any means, but if I'm going to work, I want it to lead to us potentially being able to move into our own place by the Spring.

Being here in Dallas, I feel like there is potential for more opportunity than before, but not at the same time.  So, I'm kind of trying to find where I fit :).  I really have no idea where to go with all of this, so I'm going to just seek out all of the options and pray pray pray.  I know that just the right opportunity will open up at the right time.

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kris said...

Wylie Prep started in my church I have grown up in from 7th grade until I graduated HS. Went to college and the camp. Got married and we moved back to Wylie. They also have a preschool in the church as well. Might want to consider it if you interview. There are many childcare opportunities for your youngest ones.