Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots to Pray About...

I received an email from Wylie Prep late last night with a job offer, and she told me that she would call me this afternoon to discuss details.  She has been out of town, and she has been busy since she got back.  So, when I didn't receive a call or email this afternoon, I figured she would just get with me whenever she had a chance.

Then, I received a call from a school called The School of Liberal Arts and Science.  It's a charter school that's not too far from where we live.  The person that I spoke with asked me if I was interested in a 3rd grade English/Language Arts position (which, 3rd grade is at the bottom of my range, but it is within my range, and I LOVE that it's a Language Arts position).  I told her that I had a job offer with another school, but I would be glad to discuss the possibility with her because I hadn't accepted the position at the other school yet.  She proceeded to discuss everything with me... the good and the bad... It is a charter school, therefore, they don't really have a building.  The school is held in churches... which isn't anything new for me :).  Another thing is that it is still publicly funded, therefore, the kids have to take the TAKS test.  And, the kids at that school struggle with the TAKS test, so as a Language Arts teacher, I would have that pressure.  Of course, that's normal for public school, so that doesn't really scare me (I used to do intervention for kids who didn't do well on the TAKS test).  She told me that it is a great opportunity to really make a difference in kids' lives.  It is mostly low socio-economic kids.  That is actually something that attracts me... I have a heart for kids who don't have a lot of resources.  In my heart, I knew that one day I would be working with poor kids because that's what I desire to do in the long run.

I would also get paid the salary of a public school teacher... which would be SO beneficial for our family.  We would be able to move into our own place very soon, we would be able to afford to pay out of pocket for Robert's school (which is why we moved here to begin with...), etc.

I realize that I don't have an offer on the table from this school, and I need to interview and go from there, but there's so much to consider!  Even though I was prepared to work full time when we came here, I wasn't sure that it would happen.
Because it's a charter school, I'm not sure that I have a lot of competition.... We'll see :).

Robert really wants me to interview.  He feels that long term, this is the best option.  He told me that if I feel this is something that I could do long term, then pursue it.  If not, then don't... and it really is something I could see myself doing long term.  So, I'm going to interview, and just see how it goes.  I trust God to either give me a complete peace and open the door, or close the door and give me complete peace about Wylie.  So, we'll see what happens!

The hardest part of all of this is that I did NOT expect to get a phone call like this.  I really thought that I wouldn't ever hear from anyone with a full time position.  So, this is why I'm so torn!

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