Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

So many thoughts on my mind... decisions to make... not sure which way to go... will have to keep praying for direction.

When we decided to move here, our initial thought was that I would look for a full time teaching position so that we could find a place of our own to live after maybe 6 months, and so that I could help support Robert as he went to school...
Then I decided that moving to a new place and getting a full time job would be difficult for the kids and for me.  So, we decided that maybe staying home or looking for a part time job would be a better idea.  If I find a part time teaching position, we could bring in a little more money to save for moving out, and it would allow me to teach some and get the kids in preschool part time.

As I've written about in the past, I had an interview for a learning center coordinator position at a UMS, and it didn't work out.  I'm glad that didn't work out because I know now that it wasn't a God thing.  I wasn't completely happy with my childcare options, and the job would be a lot of work for not much money.  I had an interview on Monday at Wylie Prep, and it went well, but I'm not sure if it makes sense financially.  I haven't been offered the job officially, so I may not have a decision to make, but I'm pretty sure it will happen after the interview that I had.  The problem is, I don't know if after childcare and gas that I will be able to bring anything home.  And even though it is my dream position (8th grade English!), I'm not sure if it will be worth it.  I mean, I would almost be working for nothing.  Because I have three children, preschool is expensive for them... even when it is highly discounted through the school.  But, it would give them the opportunity to be in preschool and give me a foot in the door, more experience, and the ability to do something that I have a passion for... So, if I am offered the job, I have a decision to make.

I know that God brought us here for a reason.  I know that He will guide us where we are supposed to be.  I know that He will open the doors that He feels are right for our family and close all other doors.

The biggest thing that I struggle with is not having our own place.  It is comfortable here, it isn't strange living at my in-laws, and I love the area, but it's just not our own place.  And having three kids, it's tough not having a yard.
At this point, though, I'm thinking that the benefits outweigh the negatives.  I can easily take the kids to the playground, be involved in church activities, etc.

So, we'll see what happens.  Ultimately, as I've said, I know that God will guide us in the right direction.  If I don't end up working this year, then I can always try again next year :).  And next year Karis will be in school, so it won't be as difficult.

It's funny because everyone has an opinion.  Some friends/family think I should stay home. Some think I should teach part time.  Some think I should teach full time... So, I'm learning that it just doesn't matter what others think... but that God will give us the answer that is right for our family.

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