Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interesting Few Days

Wow... what a week.

I'm exhausted.

I haven't been sleeping much... I've had a lot on my mind.  Everything seems to be catching up to me :).  I still haven't finished unpacking and I really don't care to right now.  I'm tired of it :).  So, I'm just kind of leaving it for now and just trying to live life.

I went to an interview yesterday (the one in McKinney)... kind of last minute, but it worked out okay (other than the fact that I had 3 hours of sleep the night before!).  I talked to the principal for an hour and a half.  I left feeling like it was perfect.  She told me that she felt like I was a perfect fit.  It didn't make sense really because she had talked to a few others who had special ed background and credentials, but she felt like I was a better fit than they were.  She said that my personality is just right for working with the teachers and parents... meek... meaning I'm gentle but I'll get the job done.

As I said before, I would be teaching a bridge English class... three tenth graders... and she told me that I can kind of do what I want with it :).  I can choose the novels that we read... I will be writing my own lessons... etc.  I really love the curriculum that they use.  It is very easy to follow.  The other part of my job will be to work with the teachers to help them differentiate in their lesson plans... Help them learn how to teach to the individuals in their class.  Help them learn how to teach so that the kids with special needs will be successful, as well as the kids that just learn differently.
I will have to also do a lot of research to learn about the ten kids that I will be working with.  There are several with dyslexia, one with severe OCD (which is what my brother struggled with), one with muscular dystrophy, one with auditory processing disorder, etc.  It will be challenging, but I would enjoy the work that I would be doing.
She told me that I would be considered more than a teacher... I will be more like administration.

Her only concern was the financial aspect for me and the amount of work that I would be putting in (with my three kids).  They can't afford to pay much because this is a new position that they pay for through the stipends that parents pay (on top of tuition) to use the learning center.  Two good things are that I will get paid year round and I would get 50% off of tuition... the bad thing is that it's not much a month.  So Robert and I decided last night that it just won't work if we ever want to move out.  Robert was concerned that I was going to be working too much for the pay that I would be receiving.  I sent her an email telling her that it won't work... I just didn't see how it could work.

I went to bed not feeling peace about that decision... I woke up not feeling peace about that decision...

So I called her this morning and told her that I really feel like I want to pray about it a while longer and look at our finances some more.  I asked her if there will ever be potential to get paid more... I asked her if maybe next year I can teach an additional class (since I'll be there the whole time the school is open anyway... 8:00-3:15)...

She said that she's meeting with the headmaster tonight and she will see what they can come up with.  She told me to keep praying and that she will get back with me Monday.

Something that Robert and I have decided is that we are just going to stay here at his parents as long as we can stand it.  They are rarely home and we have our own living space... so it's very comfortable.  I'm getting used to having to go downstairs to use the kitchen; and since his parents aren't home often, I pretty much have the kitchen to myself the majority of the time :).  So, as long as we're here, the financial part isn't a problem.  I'm not going to be upside down on the deal... I will bring something home... which means that we can put that money away in savings until we decide to move out.

Tomorrow I meet with our potential childcare.  I have talked to her on the phone several times and have looked her up on the state's website (she's registered and "clean"), and I feel very comfortable with her.  She told me to tell her how much I can afford to pay!  She loves having families come instead of just one here one there, so she's willing to work with me.  She watches an 8 month old, 1 year old, and 3 year old, so the kids will have other kids to play with :).  That's the biggest goal at this point.  I can possibly put Karis in pre-k at the school that I might be working at, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to afford it, and they aren't sure if they'll have enough kids to have the pre-k this year (the issue with small private schools!).  So, we'll see.  I think she'll be happy with any opportunity to play with other kids and to learn (this lady does a curriculum with the preschool aged kids).

So... yeah... that's where I am with everything.  I feel like our entire life has changed completely (probably because it has), and my mind is trying to catch up to all of this.  I'm enjoying most things (like the fact that Robert is here a LOT), but adjusting to other things (like the crazy traffic and living in someone else's house).  I still feel 100% positive that God called us here, and I know that he'll work things out for His glory.  We have all of our needs met, so that's all that matters :).

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