Friday, March 7, 2014

A Few of My Projects- Updated

Here is an updated version of my home organization!

This is my meal planning and message area.  I plan on paper, then transfer it to this board.  On the right are different types of food that we use often (brown rice, broccoli, whole chicken, etc).  On the left is a calendar.  I place the magnet(s) on the date.  To the left of the calendar I write a list of lunches and breakfasts that we have ingredients for.  I also keep a running list of our needs.  There are recipes for the week on the board to the right as well as different important papers hanging.

Next is my pantry, followed by a shelf across from my pantry where I have pretty jars of food :-).  The last pantry picture is a closed cabinet with excess food.

This is our craft area.  I have shoe boxes with labels on this.  It is a working area... this is NOT a picture of right when I organized it.  It is practical.
This is another working area.  It is our play-dough and play-dough tools.
IMG_1999This is our "homework center."

Backpack and lunch box area.

Cash organizer
This is my Household Notebook:
Master To Do List
IMG_2006Daily Docket (found on
IMG_2007Pantry, freezer, and refrigerator inventories (found on 
IMG_2008Meal Planner (found on  This includes a shopping list for the week.
IMG_2010Budget (excuse the planner on top of the amounts) with expense, budgeted/actual amounts, date, and paid (check).  Behind it is my cash budget for the two weeks, just written in pencil on white paper.

I have since added a calendar and folders for excess papers to my household notebook.  The folders contain some natural remedies that I want to try as well as recipes for things that I want to bake that week.

Everything in this post is a working version of what I organized. I didn't do any extra organizing just to take a picture :-).  And it's not picture-perfect.  It is practical and realistic.  

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