Friday, March 14, 2014

Day Hike with the Family

Karis and Robert were supposed to go backpacking yesterday through tomorrow, and it didn't work out. So last night we let the kids camp in the living room (they did great!), and today we went hiking.  We went to a place that we will definitely go back to.

Being in the city, it is definitely hard to find a place to hike.  We went to a place called Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  The Preserve has several miles of trail, and it is definitely a great place to go for a day hike.  The only complaint that I have is that there are some apartment complexes built right up against it so for part of the trail, our view was apartment complexes.  It was only for part of the hike, though, so I can't complain too much.

We hiked about 3 miles total, and the kids did great.  Towards the end, Levi kept wanting to lay down on the grass to take a nap ;-).  

He also kept stopping to make "a home for the ants."  What a goof.  (notice the Christmas socks)

The weather was perfect and the hike was just what I needed.  I got some vitamin D, much needed exercise, and family time.  

Ethan enjoyed being a tree hugger.  (notice the plaid shorts AND shirt...)

Kids enjoyed snack break.  They wanted to have snack break a few more times...

Here are a few pictures of the trail:

I took a lot of pics :-).

Problem solving the fight of who gets to lead- Ethan decided that they should both lead :-).

Armadillo hole

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