Wednesday, January 20, 2010

36 weeks and counting- Still so much to do!!

I had my 36 week appointment with my midwife today, and it was pretty quick and easy.  Everything still looks great, and now we're just waiting.  If I go into labor at any point now she will deliver at home (before this she would have had me transferred because of it being too early).  She doesn't think it'll happen yet, but she wants me to be prepared just in case :).  I think she's thinking it will happen a little early because the last two babies came 5-7 days early.

The funny thing is... I am ready (physically... ready to not be pregnant anymore), but I'm really not ready.  I have a lot to do still!  I know that this baby will come when he wants, but I have a long list that I need to complete soon.  My plan is to work on it all this weekend.  Here's my list:

~ Prepare the "birth bags"- I need to have 4 different bags: 1) Sheets, 2) Towels, 3) Baby clothes, diapers, etc, and 4) Extras- heating pad, chapstick, baby soap, etc.  All items need to be washed, then placed immediately into bags.
~ Go through birth kit to get myself acquainted with everything
~ Make/buy some snacks for myself and some easy to cook foods for midwives, etc.
~ Clean the house (especially the bathroom and bedroom)
~ Finish Levi's room!  He won't be staying in there at first, but it will feel good to get it done.  Paint the white area where we took the wall paper border down, wash his clothes and put them away in drawers, put crib together, etc.
~ Wash all parts of breast pump
~ Buy a few warmer outfits for Levi (we have a lot of spring/summer clothes, but not many winter!)
~ Buy cheap pack of wash cloths, natural baby soap
~ Start working on freezer meals, bagged mixes, etc.
~ Start doing relaxation exercises that my friend, a Bradley Birth Instructor gave me!

Okay... so my hope is to get this stuff done... we'll see if it actually all happens this weekend :).  It is only a goal!!

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