Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freezer Meals Update

In the past two days, I have gotten a lot done, but I am tired now.  I think I have over done it!  I am adjusting my plan a little bit again because I don't know how much more I can do!

On Monday, I cut up veggies:
~ 2 bags of veggies for roasts (carrots, potatoes, and onions)
~ Veggies for black bean wraps
~ Sliced bell peppers
~ Sliced mushrooms
~ Veggies for shepherd's pie
~ Onions for meatloaf
~ Veggies for homemade pasta sauce

~ Bag of cut up squash and zucchini
~ Cut up potatoes, onions, and ham for Cream Cheese Potato soup

On Tuesday (with the help of Robert!), I cooked meat and put some meals together:
~ 2 Shepherd's Pies
~ 2 bags of prepared homemade pasta sauce
~ Meatloaf- prepared and frozen
~ Rice and chicken bake
~ Cooked black beans and bagged them in several small bags
~ Cooked pinto beans and bagged them in several small bags
~ Cooked 3 pounds of pan sausage... using one today in breakfast tacos to freeze.  The other two will be for pizzas.
~ Cooked 2 pounds of extra ground venison
~ Cooked 2 pounds of extra ground turkey
~ Cooked 2 whole chickens and pulled meat from bone (Robert is going to cube it all today)... froze the broth as well.

We still have (uncooked, frozen) 3 pounds of grass fed beef, 2 1/2 pounds of ground Turkey (this is from a while back... not a fan of it, but we have it), about 5 pounds of ground venison, 1 pound of nitrate free bacon, lots of pinto and black beans, etc.  Unfortunately, we're out of chicken :(.  We'll see if I decide to buy any more or not... it's pretty expensive for quality pastured chickens. 

My plan for the rest of the freezer meals is to just make the specific meals for dinners the next week or two and make a double or triple batch (depending on what it is):
~ Creamy Mac N Cheese (triple batch, freeze two)
~ Pizza (make 3 batches of dough and sauce and freeze)
~ Chicken Divan (double batch, freeze one)
~ Spinach Rice Casserole (triple batch, freeze one)
~ Broccoli Chicken Bake (double batch, freeze one)

I still plan to make several breakfast mixes and things.  Robert is off today and tomorrow, so I want to get as much done as possible (with his help!).  Here is the plan for this:

Today, Wednesday:
~ Biscuit mixes
~ Banana Muffin mixes
~ Pizza dough (in the bread maker on dough setting!)
~ Breakfast cookie mixes
~ Breakfast tacos (Robert's making some tacos for breakfast and we're just doubling the batch)

Tomorrow, Thursday:
~ Granola and bars
~ Protein bars
~ Peanut butter baked oatmeal mix
~ Whole Wheat Pancakes (several batches to freeze)

~ Whatever I don't get to on Wednesday and Thursday :)

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