Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free Cloth Diapers

Now that we're getting back to "normal life" after moving and everything, we have gone back to using cloth diapers.  We plan to definitely use cloth with Levi as well because it saves so much money (especially since I will be staying home).  We were going to buy the new Flip system (which look awesome), but a friend of mine said that she had some diapers that she could give me.  Well, I picked them up today, and there are THIRTY in the bag.  And, they are in AWESOME shape.  All but 3 are the same diapers that we use already (the BumGenius 3.0)!!!  The other 3 are called Wahmies, and they seem very similar to the BumGenius.  She could have sold these and made a lot off of them, but instead she gave them to us :).  I am so thankful.  We won't need to buy another diaper ever again!!  So, add the 30 to the 15 that we already had, and that makes 45 diapers!!  That will come in handy with a newborn :) (and having 2 in diapers).

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The Man Crew said...

Wow, what a blessing!! 30 free diapers...I'm speechless! Thank you Lord, that you supply not only our needs, but our wants, too. AMEN and AMEN! I'm really glad for you, I know how much this means.