Monday, January 18, 2010

Meal Plan for Week of January 18-24

Last week I planned breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we stuck with the dinners (for the most part), but I ended up just doing whatever on breakfast and lunch... so I'll plan a list like I used to and just choose from the list (except for dinners)!  We will have several leftover nights because we have some in our fridge, and we don't end up eating much of the meals that I do make, and we always have lots leftover.  This week, I will be making an extra of a few of the dinners, etc to begin freezing them in preparation for Levi's birth.  I decided that doing a little bit at a time like that might be the best way to do it!

So, here's the plan:

Whole wheat biscuits
Peanut butter baked oatmeal (a lot leftover from Saturday)
Homemade yogurt and granola
Eggs and toast
Peanut butter and honey sandwich 

Boiled eggs, cheese, fruit/veggie

Monday, January 18th
 Potato Ham Soup (with leftover ham- cut up extra potatoes and ham and freeze)

Tuesday, January 19th
(camp game night)
Breakfast- bacon, eggs, toast

Wednesday, January 20th
(parenting class at church- excited about it!!)

Thursday, January 21st
Shepherd's Pie (make an extra to freeze)

Friday, January 22nd

Saturday, January 23rd
Chicken and rice bake (make an extra to freeze)

Sunday, January 24th

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