Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Grain Mill

I bought the grain mill attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer (it was the cheapest way to buy a grain mill), and I was a little nervous after I read the reviews (of course I was silly and read them AFTER I ordered it!).  I figured that because it was made by kitchenaid, that there wouldn't be any reason to read the reviews!!  Many of the reviews said that you have to grind it a few times, that you can only grind a few cups then have to let it rest for an hour, that it heats up quickly, etc. 
I received it and used it immediately (after I cleaned it of course!).  I was pleasantly surprised!!  It grinds kind of slow, but it never got hot when I used it!  And, I ground enough flour to make muffins and bread in one evening with no issues.  It never even got warm.  Not only that, but it made the lightest, most fluffy loaf of bread that I've ever made!  It definitely makes a difference to use fresh flour.  I think the problem is that people probably try to grind a bunch to save, but there's no reason to do that.  You might as well buy a bag of flour at the store if you're going to do that.  The point of having a grain mill is to just grind what you need that moment because the nutrients oxidize out of it very quickly!  So, if all I'm doing is grinding what I need at the moment, I will have no issues.

I'm excited to finally have my grain mill.  I plan to use it OFTEN!  It will just stay set up on my counter :).  The bread that I make now is so easy that I could make a loaf every day and it wouldn't be an issue... and at the rate that we go through homemade bread, that may be reality very soon!  It tastes so yummy and provides so many nutrients. 

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The Man Crew said...

OH, sound so yummy! Courtney...I'm so pleased for you, your own grain mill! I vbake bread once a week and freeze it, but a fresh loaf every day does sound tempting! Mmmmm! Enjoy your new 'toy'!