Friday, January 22, 2010

A Week of Rest

Yesterday I came home after cramping all day... I called my midwife and she told me to take a few days of doing nothing because she really didn't want the baby coming quite yet.  She would normally deliver at home at this stage, but because I'm so far away from a hospital, she wants me to try to keep him in at least another 5 days or so :).  So, I put off my plans of going to Costco to stock up on food, and rested.  It was kind of sad because I had been looking forward to it all day :(.  I ended up feeling worse in the evening and really thought that maybe I was going to go into labor.  After a bath, some time to rest, and drinking a lot of water and eating dinner, I started feeling better for the most part.  Today, my mom came and took the kids for the weekend... so today I have just been laying around, watching movies, taking baths, napping, etc.  I haven't done this in a long time... in fact, I'm not sure how much I like it... but at least I'm feeling better (for the most part).  I'm having lots of braxton hicks contractions, but they aren't crampy now at least.  We'll see what happens :).  I really think that I probably won't have him tonight or even in the next few days, but I think it'll be somewhat soon.

The plan the next week or so is to just take it easy.  I will be doing maybe one thing a day off of my "to do list," hoping to at least get the essentials done before Levi makes his way into this world.  A friend of mine will be coming sometime next week to help me by making some freezer meals and things, so that will be really nice :).  I might be blogging more since I can't really do a whole lot else... so if there are lots of new posts all of a sudden, that's why :).  I'll just have to let the kids play and watch movies and we'll all just hang out.  I think this will be good for me since I haven't had a chance to rest because of all that has been going on. 

I might spend this week resting, only to end up not having Levi until 40 weeks :).  That would be okay!  The longer the better, really.  I just can't wait to hold him, love on him, and nurse him :).  Soon!

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