Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Different Blogs

I used to have two blogs and I combined them because I hated having to keep up with two.  Lately, though, I've come to the realization that sharing personal and family things online to everyone probably isn't a good idea (for several reasons that I won't get into).  I could just stop sharing anything personal, but it helps me to process things and to have friends and family respond to it.  So, I've decided to create another blog in which only people that I invite will be allowed to read. 

From now on, you won't find much reflection or information about myself or my family on this blog.  If I don't feel like it matters whether or not everyone reads it, I will post it.  If there are things that I don't want EVERYONE to know, but I would like to share (for whatever reason), then I will post it on my personal blog.

You will still find information about whole foods nutrition, natural living, recipes, etc on here.  And, I will still share some personal things (like the birth of Levi especially!), but will limit it.

Thanks for understanding. 

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