Sunday, April 12, 2009

Changes in our home

Robert and I were blessed with a large income tax refund :). We were able to pay off a few debts, put money in savings, and we decided to buy a few things that we have wanted/needed for a long time. One of those is a rug for our living room. We also got some new chair covers a few weeks ago (we decided to do that instead of buying new/used chairs). We got them on sale; one of them was 1/2 off! :)

Here are some pics:

Living Room Before:
(These "chair covers" don't look so bad in the picture... the off white one was all stained, and the green one wasn't actually a chair cover... it was a throw that we pinned to the chair!)
Living Room now:
We decided to simplify our "tv area" since this was so cluttered looking (and our dvd player didn't work, and the speaker cover was broken):This is after (we really simplified- we don't watch a lot of tv):Kitchen Before:Kitchen After (not a lot of change, but some subtle changes that I think make it look better and more fun):I LOVE this mat. It is SOOOO me :):
We are stocking up on food because I won't be getting paid during the summer (I love my pantry :)
We are still in the process of changing some things around in our house, and I will add pictures as we finish :). We are trying really hard to make our home a place that we want to be, simplify and declutter, and make it comfortable.

Our next project will be painting some accent walls and doing some touch ups in the living room. We also want to eventually work on the kitchen cabinets (paint, new hardware, etc), but that's just a goal. Who knows how long that will take.

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The Man Crew said...

Courtney, your new touches are great! Your home is getting homey-er and homey-er! Thanks for sharing them with us!! I, too, love your pantry, it's sooo organized and tidy...everything lined up in rows...yeah! I'm enjoying reading the 'journey' you and Robert are on with your sweet family. Have a great week!