Saturday, April 4, 2009

Slowing Down and Gaining Routine

Things have been crazy around here, and I feel some days like I've lost my mind J. We used to have some kind of routine, and it has been very difficult to gain back. It doesn't help that pretty much every day that I'm off, we're out and about running errands. I have decided recently that in order to get back to living simply, to save money, and to be more focused, I need to slow down. I have come up with a flexible routine/schedule (which is hard to do with Robert and my work schedule!), and I'm hoping to make it work J. I'm exhausted, stressed, and I feel I'm not able to do any one thing well because I'm trying to do too much. I ran across this post- Simplifying the Schedule - Passionate Homemaking, and I am going to try it! I will add in my own touches to make it work better for us, but it's the simple-ness that I'm attracted to.

Morning Routine:
School Days
1. Bible study and prayer (up by 6:00)
2. Shower, makeup, hair
3. Breakfast
4. Leave for school

Non-School Days
1. Bible study and prayer (up by 6:30)
2. Shower, hair
3. Breakfast
4. Quick pick up
5. Plan for the day
6. Daily chores- Dishes, sweep, make beds
7. Ethan nap (9:30-11:00)

Lunch: 12:00

1. Ethan Nap, Karis activity time (1:00)
2. Karis nap (2:00-4:00)
3. Calendar item- see below
4. Blog, read ("me time")
5. Complete rest of to-do list

Evenings: (this will vary based on whether the camp has dinner in the dining hall)
1. Dinner (6:00), clean up
2. Family time- play together, watch a movie; just hang out together
3. Baths, brush teeth, family devotional, bed (begin at 7:30- bedtime is 8:00)
4. Robert and I- time together
5. Quick pick up before bed
6. Be in bed by 10:00

Calendar items (afternoons):
Sunday- Bake for the week, Prepare for the week, wash diapers
Monday- Daily chores, Laundry, wash diapers; Grade papers
Tuesday- Work on simplifying (clean out closets, organize, etc)
Wednesday- Daily chores, Laundry, wash diapers; Plan for school for next week
Thursday- Housecleaning day (every other week); Meal planning and budget on opposite weeks (weeks that I grocery shop)
Friday- Daily chores, Laundry, Wash Diapers
Saturday- Grocery shopping (Farmer's Market, Whole Foods); every other week

I feel like having this schedule (without a lot of exact times) will help me to be focused on a few things every day. I tend to make a large to-do list, and struggle with even wanting to begin it lately. I just put things off (especially school preparation), and it is making it difficult to get any one thing done well!
I'll let you know how it goes!!!

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The Man Crew said...

Sounds like you are getting ahold of things quite nicely! Way to go!! I am glad that we are now getting settled into our new home and I can restart my MOTH schedules that worked great for 2 weeks before the moving madness set in...hee hee! I'll be interested in the updates!