Friday, April 10, 2009

Decaffeinated Coffee

I realize that this is a very random blog… but if you know me at all, you know that I'm obsessed with coffee. I have felt lately, though, that I need to cut down on caffeine (for many reasons). I have avoided decaf because it is chemically decaffeinated usually, and that is not good for you. But, I have found a decaf coffee that is organic and naturally decaffeinated!! So, I'm making the switch (with a cup of ½ caff. in the morning to get me started J).
This coffee, bought at Sam's Club, is only $15 for 40oz. It is a steal for organic, naturally decaffeinated coffee. Here is a little info about how it is decaffeinated (copied from
"Member's Mark® by Marques de Paiva® organic decaffeinated medium roast is made using 100% organic Arabica beans, which are then decaffeinated using the patented SWISS WATER® decaffeination process. Unlike the conventional decaffeination process which uses chemicals to remove caffeine, SWISS WATER® process uses only pure, fresh water."

It even has a wonderful, smooth taste, which has been hard to find in whole bean coffee. I'm sold!

(I should be getting paid for all the advertising that I do! Ha! J)

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