Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Changes in Bedroom and Dining Room

We made some more changes last night :).
We made our play area into a dining room, and we did this for two reasons: 1) The kids never really played in that area, 2) It was REALLY cluttered and busy.

Soon, we will be getting an antique dining room table and buffet from my cousin that has been in the family. It will look really nice in this new space :).

Here's our new dining room:

We put the shelf into our bedroom, and took out the desk, and other small annoying pieces of furniture. Here it is:

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ServinGsus said...

Looks great! You are sure getting a lot done around there =) Our focus all last fall and into the early part of the new year was cleaning and purging our "stuff" to make a nice inside. I still have a few rooms to paint, but everything is better. Now we are going to focus on creating a nice backyard that we can enjoy for ourselves and with friends. Isn't it fun to create nice space for your family??