Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on Supplements

I realize that vitamins, supplements, etc aren't ideal because my kids (well, all of us) should just be eating healthy and getting everything they (we) need. My 3 year old refuses to eat fruit (always has), basically refuses to eat vegetables (this is a new thing), and only wants bread, peanut butter, rice, meat, milk, and cheese (which aren't bad, but she needs more); I felt that I needed to do something. I searched and searched for an affordable supplement that gave all the vitamins and minerals that she needed in a 100% whole foods form, and it's just not happening in my price range. I found a pretty affordable one (MegaFoods Kids and Us), but it is not in chewable form (which, for a 3 year old is necessary). I was giving her Nature's Plus Animal Parade Source of Life vitamins, but she boycotted them very quickly. So, I decided on some different supplements, and so far so good :). She has continually asked for them since I bought them (of course, she can only have them once a day!) I bought them at HEB because I was there, and they had them. It's so much easier to shop when you can pick the bottle up and read it :). I wanted to go ahead and see if she likes them. Next time I will buy them on Vitacost because 2 out of 3 of them are cheaper (although, with shipping, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference in this case), and I can buy larger bottles.

These are the supplements that I bought:
Nature's Plus Herbal Kidz KidGreenz:
They contain broccoli, spinach, wheat grass juice, whole brown rice, carrot juice, chorella, spirulina, beet juice, kelp, alfalfa, chicory, and dahlia. It is strictly a whole foods supplement, with no extra vitamins/minerals added, just the ones that are naturally occurring in whole foods.

Rainbow Light Nutristars:
These contain the typical vitamins/minerals found in children's multivitamins, plus a Whole Foods Complex, Herbal Tonics, and Plant-source Digestive Enzymes. Rainbow Light is a brand that I trust, so I know they will be effective.

I plan to alternate between these so that Karis won't get tired of them (although, right now, she wants them both, which is fine!).

Fish Oil
For now, I bought Nordic Naturals Children's DHA (which is the most popular fish oil, because it's great, but one of the most expensive). HEB didn't carry Barlean's Cod Liver Oil, Fruit Punch Flavored, or I would have bought it. I will probably buy this on Vitacost next time I buy fish oil for her. It is cheaper because the dosage is much smaller; ½ tsp daily makes 8 oz go a long way.
Nordic Naturals and Barlean's both have 100% Cod Liver Oil (which is the best from the research I've done), and they contains no heavy metals, etc. Check out the benefits of cod liver oil. Barlean's contains Omega 3, 6, and 9's, not just Omega 3. Nordic contains Omega 3 & 9. Both are good. One of the most important things is to look for a brand that doesn't contain heavy metals and other contaminants. That is especially important with pregnant women and children.

I'm still torn on which brand I plan to buy for myself. I currently have some, so I'll keep researching until it's time to buy them. Robert isn't all that interested in taking supplements, so until he is, I won't push it. Ethan, in my opinion, is too young still J. I'll try in a year or so.


Just so you know, I don't get paid by these companies, these are just my opinions J. I just like to share my research!

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