Saturday, February 15, 2014

Home Management

I've never looked at myself as a "home manager," especially since Robert does a whole lot to help.  When I say home management, I mean more in the sense of scheduling, finances, shopping, etc.

I've had all kinds of "home management binders" and they haven't worked out.  I still have several that I've started and never used.

Last year, I bought a small binder for home management, and it works SO well.  I bought it at Target, along with dividers, small paper, and small velcro folders.  I also bought a coupon divider for our cash budget because fall apart too easily.

Below are pictures and an explanation of how I use each section.  I'm getting better at it the more I use it.

Front cover (obviously).  I love trees and owls :-).

Ignore my socks... hehe... This is just the inside front cover, a folder, notes, and a calendar.

 This is where I keep my checkbook and (usually) envelopes.

I keep stamps and bills in this folder.

When we spend money (we use cash), I put it in this envelope.  At the end of the pay period, I empty it into a folder in my file box.

This is a record of our cash spending.

 I keep coupons in here.  I don't use a lot of coupons since I shop at Trader Joe's and Costco mostly.

This is my grocery list.  I just keep a running list until I go to the store.

This is what I use for my cash envelopes.  I actually use a google doc to write my budget.  It's easier for me, and I have it so that Robert can get to it as well.  It's pretty simple these days... tithe and pay certain bills when we get paid, and everything else is savings or cash for food, gas, etc.

This is a little glimpse into organization world... I love to be organized; it helps me to feel like life is a little less chaotic! 

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