Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Possibilities are Endless

Last night I went to Trader Joe's and picked up an application to work there.  I filled it out and chatted with a friend whose sister works there.

Then I woke up to a notification about how I should organize as a side job (I would love that).

I then realized that I could also tutor again (I did that before and loved it... and feel that since I know the Frisco ISD way of teaching, that helps a lot!).

I also have my childbirth education training to finish, then I can teach CBE classes.

I'm also selling oils.

God has blessed with me the opportunities to work a schedule that would work best for our family.

I think I'll follow these leads and see how it goes.

I'm hopeful about our finances today (yesterday I was not).

Praise God. 

1 comment:

Janine Bates said...

So happy for you. I so hope it all works out and yes, it might be a good thing to teach people to be organized. Wished you lived closer you could teach me a thing or two.