Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ethan :)

I'm sitting watching American Idol (not real impressed tonight), and I'm just blogging a bunch of things that I have been meaning to blog (while I have the chance!). So... there's a lot in one day! :)

Ethan is now 8 months, and he is the cutest baby in the world (of course I would say that!). But, I'm not the only one who says that!! He laughs and smiles all the time. He has BIG, beautiful blue eyes, and a big, beautiful smile.

He's been a bit more difficult as a baby than Karis was, but that's okay. Every baby is different! He still doesn't sleep through the night every night (although, he does sleep through about 4 out of 7 nights). When he does "sleep through the night," he's up really early. He's just a hungry boy! Karis slept through the night at about 2 1/2 months (12-13 hours a night), so this is different. Robert and I take turns, so it's not so bad. Also, even though he's a BIG boy, he doesn't eat much solids. He isn't all that interested. I'm working on it by giving him different types of foods, trying to find something that he likes :). He likes things like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc. But, not much else... He will eat a few finger foods. I guess he's just not ready for any more than that at this time!

He has recently started giving big, wet kisses :).

He has started pulling himself around with his upper body a few weeks ago. I think it'll be a little while until he can crawl on all fours because he's middle heavy :).

At his last appointment, he was 22 pounds!! That was about a month ago. So, he's probably about 23 now. He is a BIG boy. (Karis is almost 3 and weighed 29 pounds at her last appointment)

He LOVES his sister, and really loves his daddy. If daddy is in the room, he must be holding him :).

Here are a few pics of him:

Oh, and he has an awesome permanent mohawk! It's fun :).

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