Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today is a New Day!! :)

Today is a new day! I had a really rough week last week. With being sick and Robert being gone, I felt like things were a mess. Praise Jesus for a new day! :) I feel much better today, and am able to be more focused on my Jesus, on my family, and on school. I feel like a new person! I look forward to getting back into "normal" life (as normal as life can get at camp!), and getting back into some sort of routine. My goals for my new "day":
- Spend time with Jesus before I do ANYTHING else. I usually have no problems with this on school days because I get up early and have a routine. I struggle with this on days that I'm home because it's too easy to sleep later. I desire to get up early every day so that I put Jesus first!!
- Plan ahead for meals. This helps me to not feel stressed about meal time!
- Be ahead with planning for school. I haven't done very well with this the last few weeks. My students have suffered because of it, so I plan to be a week ahead again like I was last semester!
- Enjoy life! Do things that I enjoy! Blog, sit and listen to music (and praise Jesus!), journal, read, clean (yes, I enjoy cleaning at times), take the kids for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather!
- Go through all of my clothes. Take a load to Salvation Army. Next, I will go through things that I can sell (to put money in savings!).
- Call/email my friends that I haven't been in touch with lately.
- Keep the house cleaned up. Do my daily chores, keep up with laundry and dishes. It makes me feel so much better when I do! I don't feel near as stressed/anxious when I have a clean house!!
- Play with and enjoy my kids! Do activities with Karis. Take them outside so Karis and play, and Ethan can just be outside. The garden is not going to happen this year (long story), so I need to take them outside daily anyway!!

Sorry for the randomness; I just can't put into words how I feel today after having had a llloonnggg hard few weeks. I really feel like a new person!

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The Man Crew said...

Sorry that you have been struggling lately, and so glad that you can put a positve spin on it! Those items on your list all sound great! I have GOT to get back into reading my Bible first thing int he AM, it just sets the whole tone for the day. I'm sure that you can mamge with God's help! Glad to see you're feeling better again. BTW, your black bean recipe sounds great, I'm going to try it soon!